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Your Favourite Home Caring Partner

At King Clean Renovation LLC, we are proud to be our customers’ favorite companion for their home care. We know that your home is more than a place; It is a refuge and a space that reflects his style and personality. We’re here to help keep you at your best, providing you with comprehensive and reliable solutions for all your maintenance and improvement needs.

Professional Cleaner
Residential Remodeling
Interior Renovation
… and More

Completely transform a space, adding colour, personality and freshness to its environment

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is the first cornerstone of our commitment to your project. It’s a space for conversation, understanding, and collaboration. At this stage, we dive into your vision and needs, listen to your ideas, and answer your questions

Concept & Feasibility

At King Clean Renovation LLC, we understand that every project starts with a concept and its feasibility. Our expertise in conceptualizing and evaluating projects is essential to ensure that your ideas are successfully turned into tangible realities. We work closely with you from the beginning to develop a solid, actionable concept that aligns with your goals and available resources

Planning & Coasting

Cost management is equally important, and we strive to stay within your budget without compromising quality. Our transparency in cost estimation and budget management ensures that there are no nasty surprises throughout the project.

Construction Stage

The construction stage is at the heart of our commitment to execution and quality. At King CleanRenovation LLC, we understand that this phase is where plans take shape and your vision comes to life. We strive to carry out the construction of your project accurately, efficiently, and of the highest quality.

Finishing Touches

At this stage, we strive to ensure that every aspect of your project is perfectly finished, from the choice of fixtures to painting, lighting, and cleaning. Every detail is examined and adjusted to ensure that your expectations are met and that your vision is reflected perfectly.

Cleaning & Decoration

We fuse cleanliness and décor to create spaces that not only look flawless, but also reflect your style and personality. Our mission is to elevate your home or office experience, providing a deep clean and décor that transforms your space into a cozy and aesthetically pleasing retreat.

Basic Cleaning

Cleaning service and basic organization of the home.

  • Dust
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Swept

Bathroom remodeling

Color change and replacement of accessories and faucets.

  • New Color
  • New Accessories
  • New Faucet

kitchen remodel

Change of cabinets, countertops and accessories.

  • New Cabinets
  • New Allowance
  • New Accessories

Our Services

Painting The Walls

Interior Renovation


Trash Out

Pressure Washing

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